Working for the Lord… the sainted way

This whole idea of working for the Lord no matter what has been a bit of a hindrance for me.  Thus my one year hiatus from posting on my blog after only publishing, what, five times I think.  And I deleted most of those anyway.  Eh, what can you do when three little toddlers are having fun making messes and wanting to be held?

Initially, I wanted to start a blog because the idea of making some money from home by writing a blog seemed easy.  And simple.  And in no way time consuming.  Man, was I wrong.  Not only did I discover that I had no writing skills, but I also discovered that I am not technologically inclined… AT ALL.  And all the different social media platforms, photography expertise to pull in viewers through Pinterest, networking with people all day long… let me tell you, it was just overwhelming for me.  In short, it really wasn’t what I was meant to handle at the time.  Mostly because I had my priorities all wrong.  Like so many other young moms with little ones running around, I wanted something creative and fun and seemingly relevant to do, and make some money too.  That is definitely God ordained for some.  It is not for me.  And I’ve come to accept that.  I now fully realize my life is not my own.  No, it is Christ’s and wholly for the glory of his kingdom.  What words pop up on this screen is meant not for my glory and popularity, but for the expansion of his family.

Throughout the year I had ideas for posts.  Posts that I felt pertained to the Bible and christian living, but none of those ideas really manifested themselves into anything WORTHY OF MY CALLING IN CHRIST.  Recently, though, I began sensing the Holy Spirit working on me concerning this blog.  To take a different approach.  No focusing on homeschool curriculum and schedules, no pretty recipe posts, no beauty posts (kinda makes me sad), nothing devotional intended.  Just the nitty gritty reality of getting through the eye of the needle.  I am not promised recognition.  I am not promised financial gain.  I am not promised forever friendships made through the comments section.  I am not promised anything other than that “the Lord will fulfill his purpose for me.” (Psalm 138:8 ESV)

So family, with grace please accept my humble offerings.




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